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Welcome to 'The Buzz'. Here you can find the latest news on sex object culture, see what OBJECT is doing about it and get involved.

Take Action Now - Stop.Press.Porn!  

The Leveson Inquiry has exposed the profound lack of social responsibility of our press.

We believe that any debate regarding the 'culture and ethics of the press' hasinclude an examination of the way the press routinely represents women.

We are calling for Page 3 and newspaper porn to be seen as incompatible with a responsible press.           

Virtual Action

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Meetings & Events Join us at one of our friendly activist meetings - where all women, and men, who support our work welcome. And email us to get involved in any of our actions.

Feminist Fridays We also organise lively grassroots activism across the UK - a chance to take a stand on the things that 'get to you' - such as lads' mags - in a fun, empowering (and legal!) way. For more information email    

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Object protesters  Object protesters  Object protesters 

Object protesters  Object protesters  Object protesters

Past Actions


Protest against 42 years of Page 3 sexism!

Campaigners marked the 42nd anniversary of Page 3 by protesting outside News International and presenting a 6ft birthday card with images showing the difference between how women and men are represented. The images were so degrading that a photo of the card was removed from Facebook - if only it was that easy to get rid of sexism from our press!

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XBIZ Porn Summit  

Campaigners from OBJECT, the London Feminist Network, UK Feminista and Million Women Rise protested outside the first XBIZ International Porn Summit to be held in the Europe.

Playboy Club

30 years after its closing its doors, the Playboy Club returns to the UK ..
.. But not without a fight!

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Girls Gone Wild

'Girls Gone Wild' is an American porn franchise, headed by a convicted criminal.  It  targets drunk women and girls in night clubs, takes them to a 'Girls Gone Wild' tour bus to strip and have sex on camera in exchange for cheap merchandise.

It was due to tour the UK last year but after much campaigning, they decided to change their minds!