Bradford Murders - Take Action

In light of the tragic Bradford murders of three women in prostitution, we are calling on you to lobby key political figures to ensure that they adopt the best possible measures to tackle prostitution and that they reject renewed calls to further legitimise this


Sport Newspaper: Ceases Trading

On April 1st, after months of financial difficulty, the Daily and Sunday Sport Newspapers ceased publication, with their parent company, Sport Media Group, facing liquidation:  

OBJECT previously



Don't let the lap dancing industry weaken our hard won reforms

Download a template response for you to adapt here

Thank you for all your wonderful support for OBJECT and the Fawcett Society's campaign to stop lap dancing clubs being licensed like cafes. Thanks to your efforts the Policing and Crime...

Victory as Parliament takes a stand against sexual exploitation in lap dancing and prostitution.

Equality campaigners announce two major victories in the fight against commercial sexual exploitation as Parliament passes the Policing and Crime Bill (1).
In a move that has been described as one of

 Press release from UK Feminista and OBJECT


“Eff Off Hef!”: Feminists protest against new London Playboy Club


Feminist campaigners are to stage protests at the opening of a new Playboy Club in London ’s Mayfair on 26th May (1) and 4th June (2). Convened by OBJECT (3) and UK Feminista (4),


Job Centres - To Stop Carrying Ads for the Sex Industry

From Aug 3rd 2010, Job Centre Pluses will no longer carry advertising for jobs in the sex industry. This will include ads for any work which 'provides sexual stimulation', whether or not physical contact occurs, and will apply to jobs in the lap

 Fantastic Feminist Fridays! 

On Friday March 26th activists in Manchester, Portsmouth and London descended upon their local Tesco to protest about the sale of sexist lads' mags in a family supermarket.

Tesco recently banned shoppers from wearing pyjamas at some of their stores for reasons of...

 Feminist Friday Take 3: WH Smiths Liverpool Street - You've Been OBJECTed To!!

12 activists and a photographer descended upon the two WH Smiths in Liverpool Street station on Friday to celebrate the third national Feminist Friday by covering the entire lads' mags displays with paper bags and

Stripping the Illusion DVD and Resource Pack

Get your copy of OBJECT's new DVD of short video testimony of women who have worked in the lap dancing industry - Stripping the Illusion: The Lap Dancing Industry Exposed.The film is the result of a collaboration between OBJECT and women formerly in lap


Home Office sexualisation review calls for improved regulation of lads' mags 

Fri 26 Feb

Today the Home Office published its review on the sexualisation of young people with specific calls to introduce tougher regulation of lads' mags.

The report : REF    specifically calls for 'lads' mags to be...

Nominations for OBJECT's Board of Directors 

OBJECT is currently looking for candidates interested in putting themselves forward to join our Board of Director (voting will take place at our AGM, Annual General Meeting, on Sat April 2nd 2011.)

Anyone who wants to stand for election must:

1. Be an


Major Retailers to place Lads Mags 'on Top Shelf'

Major Retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrisons, Co-op and BP Petrol Stations have announced that they will sell lads mags on the top shelf or cover them up.

This move follows years of campaigning by OBJECT and a recent initiative by...

 Lap Dancing - Existing Clubs will not be Licensed as Cafes

Today, the Government announced its decision that local authorities will no longer be compelled to license any lap dancing club as a cafe but can instead consider them as a form of sex establishment.

Although it had already been announced
Lap Dancing - get your council to adopt new licensing

Thanks to your efforts, the Policing and Crime Act came into force on April 6th 2010 making it possible for councils to stop licensing lap dancing clubs like cafes, but instead to be able to regulate them as part of the sex industry. This new

Lobby Hackney Council to set a nil-limit on lap dancing clubs

Hackney Councilhave proposed a nil-limit for lap dancing clubs (sexual entertainment venues) due to popular support and because of the numerous problems associated with them (1).

This would mean closing down all lap dancing clubs in

Hackney Caps Number of Lap Dancing Clubs

After months of lobbying by OBJECT, residents, local groups and others Hackney Council has decided to cap the number of lap dancing clubs that may operate in the borough.

In effect, the Council has adopted a form of 'nil policy' (which allows zero clubs in the...

Lap Dancing - Lobby your council now with OBJECT's Guides

Since April 2010 local authorities have had the option to stop licensing lap dancing clubs like cafes and instead regulate them as part of the sex industry.

OBJECT has now published two toolkits to help you lobby your local authority to

Eaves and OBJECT press release 24.06.09

First ever UK campaign challenging the demand for prostitution

The UK’s first campaign challenging the demand for prostitution was launched today at a high-profile event in Portcullis House.

The Demand Change! Campaign, a joint initiative between women’s...

It is the 100th Anniversary of International Women's day this March - and there is an action packed calendar of events across the UK. We have highlighted just some of the events we will be at. We hope to see you there!

Million Women Rise  -  Sat 5 March

Join OBJECT at Million Women Rise - the

Lap dancing licensing reforms pass to House of Lords but roundly criticised for being too weak


The Policing and Crime Bill received its Report Stage/ 3rd Reading on 19.05.09 and saw MPs forcefully call on the Government to strengthen lap dancing licensing reforms. MPs Lynda Waltho (Lab), David...

OBJECT Press Release



Women formerly in lap dancing tonight spoke out about the high levels of exploitation and sexual harassment rife within UK lap dancing clubs, to mark the premiere of OBJECT’s (1) new short film in Parliament.  ‘Stripping the...

Press release from OBJECT 29.05.09

New OBJECT report calls for urgent action to tackle sexualisation of women and girls

‘Joining up the Dots’
(pdf) a new report published today by OBJECT calls on the Government to take tough action to address the growing sexualisation of women in the media and...

Government urged to stop advertising sex industry ads

On Thursday March 26th OBJECT coordinated a protest outside what was branded 'Pimpcentre Plus' to campaign against government sanctioning of commercial sexual exploitation. The government currently allows Jobcentre Plus (JC+) to advertise sex


Flawed lap dancing reforms: take action now!

The Government has pledged to reform the licensing of lap dancing clubs by allowing councils to licence them as 'sex encounter venues'. However the reforms will be optional (so councils will have no requirement to adopt them) and contain a



Feminist Fridays

OBJECT activists recently held their first Feminist Friday to campaign against lads' mags being sold as part of the mainstream media. It was a great success! We wrote slogans on paper bags saying things like 'This magazine is sexist, don't buy it', 'Women are human too', 'This


Local authorities call on government to plug holes in lap dancing licensing reforms

Licensing officials and councillors from across the country met with MPs and Peers at a Local Authority Evidence Hearing on Tuesday 31st March to urge the government to strengthen proposed reforms to lap dancing



Students OBJECT to Objectification

Women's Officers passed a motion at NUS Women's Conference in Coventry this month to add their support to OBJECT and the Stripping the Illusion Campaign.The motion also calls on NUS Women's campaign to help raise awareness about the harmful effects that the


Trade unions add their support

UNISONWomen's Conference recently passed a motion to support the Stripping the Illusion campaignand affiliate with OBJECT to help raise awareness about the realities of the porn and sex industries. The motion is hopefully now being taken to UNISON National


OBJECT Awarded

In 2009, OBJECT was honoured to receive not one but two prestigious awards as well as being 'highly commended' in another!

Capacity Builders Award

October 2009: OBJECT was thrilled to be awarded a prestigious Government-backed Capacity Builders Award after having been nominated by



Feminism and Porn Culture

A Decade of Porn Culture: Is it Time to Put Feminism back into Public Life?
Wed 20 Jan 2010

Speakers: Diane Abbott, MP; Caitlin Moran, Times Colunmnist; Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst and writer and Dr Sasha Rakoff, Director OBJECT


YouTube (Highlights)


OBJECT has launched an online petition to the Prime Minister calling on the Government to introduce anti-sexism regulation for the media. This should recognise lads' mags and newspapers like The Sport as part of the pornography industry and

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On July 20th 2009 Mind the Gap London Student Feministsare organising a rally to protest against Miss England 2009. The rally will mark the 40th anniversary of bold feminist activism which succeeded in challenging sexist beauty


A Season of Lobbying

We have been busy over the Autumn speaking at party, trade union and activist conferences...

Local Government Conference

OBJECT  spoke at the Local Government Association Conference. This powerful lobbying body, representing local authorities across England and Wales, has been a

Peers to Decide on Changes to Lap Cancing Club Licensing

Press release from the Fawcett Society and OBJECT

Tomorrow (3/11/09) members of the House of Lords will decide whether to strengthen reforms to the way lap dancing clubs are licensed (1). A coalition of organisations led by the Fawcett



Criminal records for punters from 1 April – awareness-raising stunt  


From 1 April 2010 it will be illegal to buy sex from a person who is exploited (1).
To mark this historic occasion and to raise awareness of the new law, the Demand Change! campaign held an awareness-raising stunt in central

Ex-lap dancers, Hackney residents and leading women’s rights and equality organisations urge Hackney to set a nil-limit for Sexual Entertainment Venues in the borough.

Hackney council is currently consulting (1) on whether to set a nil-limit on Sexual Entertainment Venues (2) under new licensing laws


Sexualisation of Young People Review supports OBJECT's calls on tackling the Media

Today the Home Office published its Review on the Sexualisation of Young Peoplewith wide-ranging recommendations to address the media.

The Review specifically cites OBJECT and recommends many of the measures OBJECT has


'Girls Gone Wild' is a US porn franchise, founded by convicted criminal Joe Francis, which targets young women in night clubs to strip and have sex on camera in exchange for cheap merchandise.   

Mantra Films, the producer of 'Girls Gone
Student and Trade Unions back OBJECT and the Demand Change! campaign

OBEJCT and Eaves ran a small but successful workshop on the Demand Change! campaign at the TUC women’s conference in Eastbourne. The film of the voices from survivors of prostitution was really powerful (you can order a copy from...

Violence against women policies announced - have your say! 

Each year over 3 million UK women  experience rape, domestic violence, forced marriage, stalking, sexual exploitation and trafficking, female genital mutilation or crimes in the name of honour. The End Violence Against Women Coalition...

Take action! Lobby the new Home Secretary Alan Johnson for stronger lap dancing licensing reforms

Lap dancing licensing reforms as campaigned for by OBJECT and the Fawcett Society were introduced in a Home Office Bill (the Policing and Crime Bill) by Rt.Hon.Jacqui Smith MP. However following her


MPs to debate lap dancing licensing reforms

The Policing and Crime Bill will receive its 3rd Reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday 19th May. OBJECT, Fawcett Society, human rights organisations, local authorities and MPs are calling for the reforms to be universally applied across England and...

BREAKING NEWS: Victory as Peers vote for women, not pimps and punters!


The Demand Change! Campaign is delighted to announce a major victory for women exploited by the sex industry, as last night the House of Lords voted in favour of Clause 14 (formerly 13) of the Policing & Crime Bill, putting the