Were off to Parliament!

Hot on the heels of the Co-operative's huge announcement that it will no longer stock three sexist lads' mags, we're stepping up the pressure on Tesco to follow suit - by taking the campaign to the seat of government.

As Britain's biggest retailer, Tesco is a powerful shaper of attitudes in society. By actively choosing to stock sexist lads' mags Tesco is sending out the deeply harmful message that it is normal and acceptable to treat women like dehumanised sex objects. It's time our representatives in parliament spoke out.

To build the pressure on Tesco to act we are co-hosting an important meeting in parliament with Caroline Lucas MP on Tuesday 15 October (6-7.30pm). We'll be joined by a panel of inspirational speakers and experts, including Romola Garai - double Golden Globe Award nominated actress, Polly Neate - Chief Executive of Women's Aid, Lia Latchford - Information & Development Officer at Imkaan and Karen Jennings - Assistant General Secretary of Unison.

Can you join us at the meeting to demand that Tesco lose the lads' mags? Book your place here:

If you can't make it to the meeting you can put vital political pressure on Tesco by asking your MP to attend the event. We've provided a template email and it takes just a couple of minutes to send it to your MP using our simple online form.

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The Co-operative's move to get Nuts, Zoo and Front off its shelves shows what we can achieve when we speak out together. It has also turned up the heat on Tesco: they are now lagging far behind the Co-operative in responding to customers' concerns. Let's make sure they catch up.

Ask your MP to attend our parliamentary meeting:

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