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Take Action!

Tower Hamlets is considering whether to adopt new licensing powers to regulate sexual entertainment venues. Fill in the survey here.

Object to a lap dancing club in Bristol!

Object Leeds and Hollaback! West Yorkshire have set up a short survey to find out about experiences of harassment in and around lap dancing clubs. You can fill in the survey here. 

Object to a lap dancing club in Wilmslow!

Object to a lap dancing club in Brixton!

Object to a lap dancing club in Bedford!

Object to a lap dancing club in Ampthill!

Take Action archive here.


Oxford's only lap dancing club lost its High Court bid to stay open! See here.

Investigation ordered into why Welsh government offered young people advice on how to become strippers" See here.

City clampdown on drugs and violence. See here.

Lapdancing clubs should be banned in Nottingham, says the county's Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner. See here.

Call to ban all lap dancing clubs in Nottingham. See here.

Council to decide on lap dancing club in Brixton. See here.

How sex work has replaced a bar job for some students who struggle to pay bills. See here.

Students turn to sex work to fund their degrees. See here.

Lap dancing venue Spearmint Rhino will face tough opposition in Bristol. See here

New York 's highest court rules that lap dancing is not art! See here.

Hundreds gather in Ampthill to protest against the opening of lap dancing club. See here.

Lap dancing club in Camden wants a 24 hour license. See here.

Newmarket councillors fight District Council's decision to allow lap dancing club. See here.

Wakefield lap dancing club gets SEV licence. See here and here.

Article about lap dancing clubs in local Portsmouth newspaper.

Objections to Spearmint Rhino in cultural quarter of Sheffield.

Doncaster mayor wants no lap dancing clubs in the town. See here.

News archive here.



Lap dancing club refused licence renewal in Wilmslow! See here.

Bedford Council approves nil cap on sexual entertainment venues! See here.

Joy as lap dancing bid for Pandora's in George Green is rejected by judge! See here.

Lap dancing club plea rejected after demo in Sheffield! See here.

Councils reject lap dancing club in Blackpool! See here.

Wilmslow town council says no to lap dancing clubs! See here.

Application to open fully nude lap dancing club in Maidstone is thrown out. See here.

Lap dancing club in Bedford has its licence application rejected after strong local campaign.   

 club withdraws SEV application after resident opposition.

Solent Feminist Network have led a successful campaign to get Portsmouth City Council to consider limiting the number of lap dancing clubs. See 
here. The new policy is currently being drawn up. SFN is pressing for a nil limit for the area. 

Solent Feminist Network have also persuaded councillors to reject a planning application by Wiggle lap dancing club in Portsmouth. See 

Councillors vote in favour of Cheshire East Town council setting a nil limit! Read 

Success archive here. 



Lobby your council on lap dancing licensing

Local councils can now license dancing clubs as part of the sex industry rather than as 'leisure venues'. 

This is a 2-step process. Councils must first adopt the new license and then need to decide how to apply it.

Use our simple step-by-step guide to lobby your council at both stages of the process!


Step 1: Find out if your council has  adopted the new licensing 

Find out if your council has passed any resolutions by the full council on 'Sexual Entertainment Venues' (lap dancing clubs) by:

- Contacting the licensing department of your local council

(the telephone number for the main switchboard will be on your council's website)

- Or searching your council's website


Step 2: Download the relevant Toolkit and take action!


To be used if your local council has not already taken up the new licensing regime.


Toolkit 2:  How to make sure your council makes full use of new licensing regime for lap dancing clubs

To be used after your council has adopted the new licensing regime.

 Other Useful Information



Read the Joint Statement of support and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add your organisation as a signatory

Spread the word 

Download Stripping the Illusion campaign images. Spread the word in your community, workplace or home.

Download Stripping the Illusion posters featuring testimony from women formerly in lap dancing :

     Lucy poster
     Liz poster
     Sarah poster


Protests and activism

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about action taking place in your area. To date, OBJECT activists have protested outside Parliament, City Hall in London,  Spearmint Rhino's Christmas party and held our own 'Stripping the Illusion' awards. Click below to watch these actions on youtube:

Student and trade unions 

Are you part of a student or trade union and want to get involved with the campaign? Download our campaign packs including model motions below. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

  • Student campaign pack  (pdf)
  • Trade union campaign pack (pdf)