Supporters of OBJECT's work

The support for our work is reflected by the numerous awards we have received or been nominated for, usually by other women's organisations. In 2009 alone this included:

Fawcett Society 'highly commended' in charity awards for our partnership work on lap dancing campaign.

IMKAAN and Race On The Agenda nominate OBJECT for a Capacity Builders Award, a programme sponsored by the Cabinet Office.

Rights of Women nominate OBJECT for the Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize for work on ending violence against women.

Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum helps fund OBJECT video testimony of women who have exited the sex industry.

helps fund OBJECT's production of educational video and workshop pack on the realities of lap dancing.


Statements of Support

Numerous women's organisations have also issued statements of support:

Zero Tolerance

"OBJECT is a fantastic organisation, doing critically important work to raise awareness of the growing problem of objectification of women and girls in society and making the links with exploitation, abuse and violence. It is big in ambition and presence and we really value being part of OBJECT'S campaigns and using their resources for our work to promote a world free of men's violence against women."

Jenny Kemp, Prevention Network Officer, Zero Tolerance

Southall Black Sisters

"I am very impressed with what OBJECT have managed to achieve in a very short time. At a time when the language of feminism is being used to misrepresent sexual exploitation of all kinds as some kind of empowerment, the work of OBJECT is more critical than ever."

Rahila Gupta, Member of Southall Black Sisters 

European Women's Lobby

"In its work at European level and on the basis of the consultation of its membership, EWL has been lobbying to institute Zero-tolerance across the EU for sexist insults or degrading images of women in the media. EWL also considers that pornography is a major form of male sexual violence against women and a violation of women’s human rights. EWL therefore supports the work of OBJECT challenging the sexual objectification of women."

White Ribbon Campaign

"There are 38 listed rape crisis centres. There are 100s of lap dancing clubs. In many ways White Ribbon Campaign can achieve nothing unless it goes hand in hand with a campaign to reduce and withdraw the circulation of lads' mags and soft porn newspapers. One of our core slogans is Ask Listen, Respect, and there can be very little respect while the depiction of women in some of these publications remains as it is".   

The White Ribbon Campaign is an international male-led charity challenging violence against women


"In the UK, our work with secondary schools has convinced us that certain media images encourage the objectification of women. This is as damaging to boys as it is to girls.  If the government wants ‘Respect’, this is where it should be starting".  

Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (SERICC)

"We are aware that sexually explicit images which portray women as subordinate, as sexual objects, which show them as being degraded or dehumanised and which suggest that they enjoy rape, pain and humiliation contribute to maintaining sex inequality and sex discrimination and promote negative attitudes as well as sexual violence against women and girls". This is a quote from Campaign Against Pornography 1984……What’s changed in the last 22 years?…the objectification of women has become mainstreamed.'

Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP) 

"CROP believes that attempts must be made to stop the widespread objectification of these vulnerable groups [women and children] which tends to normalise or sensationalise violence against them."  

CROP supports parents whose children are subjected to sexual exploitation by pimps and traffickers

Truth About Rape Campaign

"Truth About Rape aims to challenge the myths that exist about sexual violence. One such myth is that pornography is harmless.
Explicit 'lads mags' and 'red top' newspapers mean that parents cannot take their children to the local shop for sweets: this is harmful. People with an interest in cars or sport have sexually explicit images thrown in as part of the deal: this is harmful. Young women are measured against the sexualised images that are endemic in such publications and are often deemed deficient: this is harmful. Publications are normalising the objectification and eroticisation of women's bodies and this is harmful."

The Freedom Programme

"The Freedom Programme is based on the philosophy that men who are violent to women are motivated by their belief systems.
They believe that women are hateful inferior pieces of meat which are not human and are only useful for sex. I have worked with abusive men for 10 years now and they have all expressed those views. So called "Lads' Mags" reinforce those beliefs and therefore are a significant factor in male violence to women."

Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum

“For 14 years I have worked with men and boys to stop their violence against women. The common thread with all of them is the way they’ve been influenced to behave inhumanely to women and girls by what they’ve learnt through pornography, prostitution, lads' mags, video games, etc, and from other men and boys with misogynistic beliefs. They spend money on exploiting and abusing women and other people make profit from this. Women therefore become treated as commodities and ‘throwaways’ for men and boys.”  

Damian Carnell, Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum 


“OBJECT provides an empowering voice to represent the unheard voices and hidden lives of many women whilst challenging government and society on the damaging myths and realities surrounding prostitution and the broader sex industry. An organisation like this is absolutely necessary where current and future generations of young women are being exposed to an array of confusing and harmful messages which continue to legitimise and glamorise the sexual objectification of women whilst perpetuating violence against women.”